Saturday, 28 March 2009

Ideology and Us

Ideology, the one thing you would stand for , no matter what the rest of world thinks, is hard to come by . Whom would you associate your ideology with and what is the end result of those ideologies? Whether we accept it or not , in our daily life we live through a society. A society in which all of us perform our parts and are mutually interdependent upon each other. A novel concept in all likelihood shall be the one which would be understood by few and accepted by lesser few of them . How do you stand on with it then ? Do you snub that entire mass of opponents to your idea or do you c0ompormise and go together with them ?

What is it that we fear when we stand against society ? Castigation .Becoming an Outcast? If the fear is so powerful so as to override the ideology then probably the time for that ideology hasn't arrived. But if the fear loses its value and your principle shines bright , then you stand for it !
Death is not the biggest fear we have, nonetheless its not irrelevant as well. But between life and death , the death which wipes your existence and not the one which you have already met numerous times, lies a lot to loose and and an equally lot to gain. To what extent are we ready to lose to gain what we want to gain is a difficult question,but the answer is what we always seek . As a human being, that part of me which revolts against the society is my mind, but how do I trust it ? Is it an independent identity to determine its own future on its own ? Doesn't it need anyone else for its survival ? If it does then it doesn't have the authority to propagate ideas that don't satisfy the normalcy. It shouldn't give in to paradoxes. If its survival is dependent upon those ideologies which it couldn't conform , its creating paradoxes by not being subservient to those ideals that feed it , that keep it alive . However, if the same is not true, it is independent . It stands on its own . It stands on its own capacity and then expounds its own belief system unmutilated by the conventional wisdom of the society.
What do I conclude from the litanies above? I don't know , my mind isn't independent enough yet to conclude anything. It's an unruly slave to the conventional wisdom.

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