Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Beauty of writing.

Why write? Whats so special about writing ? Should everyone in his capacity write something? Is writing as essential as other cognitive processes . An old Chinese proverb says , " The weakest ink lasts longer than the strongest mind". No doubt we all would agree to this mandarin quote, however , its not only due to the longer lasting capacity of ink that writing is important. There is an another important factor .

Human mind has an amazing capacity to change tracks, parallelize as well as diversify. Also it has a strong capacity to visualize abstractions. However, the same agility that provides it great resilience also proves a bane to the clarity of abstract concepts. Till the time it becomes clear it remains a mess of ideas, concepts intermingled and mixed. Once these thoughts get out of the realms of the mind and land onto the paper, it starts getting clearer. Problem solving techniques too stress upon the utility of writing. Once you write the problem down and visualize it , brain gets channel in a straight direction , stops wandering and acts on the problem. It wouldn't be wrong to say , to write down a problem is like half solving it.
However, besides problem solving there are several benefits. Even writing down your day to day problem on a sheet of paper helps you to get a better view of it. Several novelists like Ayn Rand wrote intensively in the newspaper articles before she started with her book in order to gain clarity and give structure to her thoughts. Thoughts are like an unbridled horse , free to prance in any direction, but writing provides a direction to the thoughts.

Its not necessary that whatever we write will be perfectly structured but the fact that we can always come back to it and realize where did we waver gives us a proper self analysis. A very small experiment shall be worthy of emulation. On a day , when u are taking leisure, take a pen and paper and start writing. Don't worry about whats coming out on the paper. Go on writing incessantly for some time . Stop after say 10 -15 mins. You will be amazed to see what you have jotted down. What happened was as we start writing while being consciously aware of the process itself mind wavers in every direction . Probably whatever you write wont be congruous in the initial stage. But slowly your subconscious instinct takes over you, and then your subconscious self writes , and its always amazing to find the results. This technique is largely used in psychoanalysis to identify what lies in the corners of mind.
Verily you would agree with me now that writing is as important as reading and visualizing or thinking. However, the good thing is that you too can realize it by just starting it right now. Go ahead. Happy writing. May the beauty of it manifest itself to you.

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