Monday, 2 March 2009

In lethargy

Boredom, lack of purpose, lethargy, banality, unexciting, all these adjectives tend to mark only one point. That you are not liking what you are doing . Jump a wall , walk a mile, hum a song or do everything wrong. Plethora of options , yet lacking in motivation. Any possible road appears to be overused, mind seems to be overwrought with nothingness. What pleasure does this state of existence give ? Hard to tell but impossible to ignore.

This hour shall give way to another ans so shall the next one. This lethargy shall give way to further laziness and so on, till it reaches a tipping point. What is a tipping point? Well a term used by Malcom Galdwell to explain why things happen when they are supposed to happen. Sounds awkward? Actually it is not. What it meas basically is that for any change to happen it has to reach a tipping point, a point at which the present state is too overburdened by its own existence and gives way to new. Sounds interesting ? Actually it is. But for more you need to go to the book and glean other such interesting facts from it.
While I still am so unenthusiastic, lying in the hope of finding something exciting. What is excitement? Well excitement is defined as the period of activity, a state of emotional arousal. Ahh! my emotions are all too tired to get up now, they are perhaps lost in deep slumber and it would require something substantial to get it out of the torpor. What would be such an activity ? An intriguing story told by a boring friend, me thrown into a swimming pool full of crabs, bungee jumping with an inexperienced guide. Ahh! my mind militates against these bustling thoughts of activity. It smothers the joy thrown up and brings the torpor back into action and goes back into another period of slumber. Hmm! writing of it too induces sleep in me now, and perhaps in you too. Forget it. I am loving it . Me and Inactivity.

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