Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dream Seller

Under the leafy canopy of banyan tree, dwelt a seller of dreams. Sprawled all around him were dreams.Wet dreams, dry dreams,hot dreams, inexorable dreams,luxurious dreams,heavenly dreams. All synonymous with hope, of a better future ,of a better tomorrow. People passed by his open shop of dreams, wallowed in them, and left. Rarely did one stop to buy them. "These are just lies", they said. "If it were to have any meaning, why would the dream seller be so wretched himself, so as to lie in here, every evening, waiting for a prospective buyer."

Yet he, the seller, lay there in wait , every evening ,for a buyer. His dreams weren't costly, it didn't cost more than a wilful thought, yet it seemed to cost enough to find a buyer.

TO Continue ...

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