Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happiness and sadness

Is black and white overemphasized and given undue recognition which is out of place? Is duality the nature's de-facto? The precepts have evolved from times immemorial , and although we live in this colorful world, we have a hard time extricating ourselves from a definitive black and white. When the Chinese Ying-Yang incorporates both black and white , eliciting the nature's law, isn't it restricting itself. Any person on earth could testify that he/she experiences himself and his life to be made up of countless distinct colors, even imperceptible at times.

Doesn't this analogy seems to direct us towards another such fallacy or myth that primarily influences our lives. Happiness and Sadness. Since childhood this duality , and strictly so , is enforced to be our state of mind. If you are happy you are not sad and vice versa , and all the time you are at least in one of the states , and if not, at least you strive or contrive for one. This line of thinking is enough for us to guide our actions , until we start to discern over what the underlying structure of life is.

Happiness and sadness are just two of the countless states we could be in and its certainly an improper goal to chase. They way these two have been overrated , manifests itself in the mindless chase of the human beings for happiness which he/she doesn't ever seem to get while chasing , and at times it just becomes of you , without doing anything.

To speak frankly, it doesn't matter , what the next state would be and it certainly doesn't have to be happiness , it has to "BE" one of the states, chosen by our environment and genes in a coordinated effort. I run the risk of being termed a sadistic, but I know its just one of the states of mine that you still point to, look beyond these two terms and you would know what I mean.
But you may still quote the adage, "Don't worry be happy " and I, not vehemently opposing it , would suggest a minor but a significant tweak, "Don't worry , just BE".


Radhika said...

They are not the only states of mind and I disagree "If you are happy you are not sad and vice-versa , and all the time you are at least in one of the states , and if not, at least you strive or contrive for one", I would rather call it an emulsion , one dispersed in the other , nevertheless you can separate them out . The visibility or power of distinction only depends on the strength of each emotion .
But well, the tweak is impressive , I liked it :)

Siddharth said...

I agree with what you said and have written that itself. I have drawn up the conventional wisdom in second paragraph and debunked it in the following paragraph.

However, I guess that wasn't very clear. I will keep note of that next time I write. Thanks for your comments Radhika. I appreciate it.