Tuesday, 25 November 2008


You wouldn't believe me if I tell you the truth. No! Not because you are a liar , rather you are an epitome of truth and anything resembling it, however,you have become so very much inured to it that its presence doesn't seem possible. Its paranoia , really, it is so. I am typing this blog here sitting in office , fearing that no one catches me doing this. Driving to office poses a challenge in keeping the fear of being hit , subdued. And then when I reach the outskirts of my workplace a mild fear of collapsing building and collapsing economy slithers into my mind. I bet it does with you too, only you have got too inured to it.

Bravery , courage , resilience are the tenets of humans! Think again, what you consider as bravery could be a fear of being in other situation, it could be such a force so as to drive a person beyond his capacity . A soldier fighting on the front chooses death over a life of shame, why? he is afraid of infamy. He can't bear the burden of cowardliness. Fear motivates him to ride above his own self. You see , I am not a "FEAR" advocate , but the pervasiveness of it and ignorance of its might forced me to realize it. All the brave and gallant deeds of this world boils down to this simple maxim . Fear drives human action. What else would explain such huge spending on defense, security,missiles, nuclear weapons, leagues, organizations, treaties, Industrial revolutions.All are done to pacify the native fear of a nation.
I know you are thinking that I am a helpless paranoid, you may be right . But you are still looking at one side of the coin, I am on the other side. The obverse side is heavier I guess, ahh! and you will say that you have heard that rosy phrase "two sides of the same coin", I tell you, "its all farcical" . Two sides of coin are not similar, one is truer,heavier and more pertinent than the other. Don't beleive me ! check that out for yourself. Anyways , I fear now that I have displayed enough of paranoia over here and my fear of maintaining sanity with a small degree of allowed quirkiness , as this world allows, tells me to get quiet. Ok as you wish. bye!

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