Sunday, 2 November 2008

A cultural miss

Being born in Bihar, brought up in present Jharkhand and growing in Karnatka , I have always had an implicit phrase imposed on me that I have had a "cultural miss". I feel alienated to all these cultures that I have lived in. While at my hometown I am being looked as an outsider with an inside root.And while I am in Bangalore I represent a Bihari culture in their eyes. Its difficult for me to deny any of these remarks put upon me, all these tags are stamped on my face by people around me.

And despite all of this ,I know, that I don't belong to any of them. If there is a need to associate myself with a culture then I belong to the culture of of a human being in pursuit of happiness and perfection, I belong to the culture who respects the power of nature and who is in the search of answers that have troubled humanity since times long. I belong to a culture of selfishness and thus achieving complete self-less ness in a truer sense. I belong to the culture of man who never stop questioning things around him , though he never have had any perfect answers. And I share this culture with millions like me who look and feel beyond what they can see or observe, who aren't the slaves of their environment , and whose mind is always in the pursuit of the unknown.

Alas! I find few of them around me , and those around me keep pushing this line down my throat , "You have had a cultural miss!"


Radhika said...

I guess I have but very slightly !

Appreciate your thoughts,liked them lots !! :(..

But failed to understand the later part of this one ..

"I belong to a culture of selfishness and thus achieving complete self-less ness in a truer sense. " ....

Well , if all humans are selfish in atleast any one way ,does that mean we belong to a culture of selfishness ?

Siddharth said...

Well Radhika, I believe that "self" is an essence of every human being, and thus for all of us , irrespective of what we think,we are bound to ourselves. There are people who recognize the essence of this self and there are others who don't . I belong to the former one.

To add, selfishness has been grossly misunderstood and misrepresented in our society. "SELFishness" is what gives you a meaning.