Thursday, 30 October 2008

A paean for her.

A dusky beauty, on my laps.
Squirming her body, and fluttering her flaps.

Squirrel eyes and elephantine ears,
laughs at what she sees and all that she hears.

Intermittent though is her smile,
appears to be a laughter wrapped in frivolity.

Pedaling of legs and beating of hands,
weariness of days and waking of nights.

A nose stands tall on her face,
beside the eyes that remains closed with grace.

And then, suddenly , she gazes at your stranger face,
everything stops, though hearts race.

Tiny , lanky fingers she has, restless as it is,
ready to hold my hand and take a walk through the land.

Her mouth's open wide more often,
willing to swallow all in a moment.

And now, While I weave a paean for her,
she grows weary of me.
And with Petulant lips,
she goes off to sleep.

sleep! O Beauty!
so that your beauty grows.
And my pen shall wait,
until next time when I can again behold.


Radhika said...

You write poems?

Vineet said...

Nice one Sidd!

Sowmya said...

mild and striking!