Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Vultures of freedom!

From the clueless union of two souls,
    Was I conceived, to tread on this world!

Cast was I into the mold of their culture,
    But the shell was broken down and I was taken by the vultures!

Those vultures ate up the moss of society on my soul,
    And when I died, caught in those talons, my rebirth met my pristine soul.

And I became a vulture too, to eat up the moss society creates,
    Although, I am left alone and weariness grates.

So many like me, are still held up in those shoals,
    Where a fire burns, persistently into their darkened souls.

Defined was I , by the culture that brought me up,
    But founded was I by the culture that my soul cooked up.

To my fellow men, I sing the song of freedom.
    To perish matters not, so long as it’s our own kingdom.

And when, you come with me, shorned of your prejudiced cloak,
    We will create a new world, where you and I will flock.

Why wish for new, when the existing fares you well?
    Ask this to yourself, foolish heaven or a freeway through hell?

How does it matter, if happiness results not,
    Who taught you that lie, when your heart accepts it not.

To break this chain of slavery shall be your goal,
    Matters it not, if freedom tastes bad, to you or to all.

And then you will be a vulture as me, eating up the dead souls of society,
Shunning those custodians, and all talks of impropriety.

Together, shall our talons, be able to lift the darkness of them all,
    And they too will witness brightness, together with us all.
Make a choice today, and come to suffer withal.

We shall never create a happy world,    for that shall not be our goal.
We will always be the vultures of individual freedom,
        Seeking to lift the veil, off this dark world!

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