Saturday, 16 January 2010

Her Departure - V

When she woke up, it was almost daybreak. She was tired, but the sleep had helped invigorate her a bit. The baby was still sleeping by her side. She felt its breath on her fingers and sighed. She looked around for him in a hazy glance, and then laid back on bed once again.

Last night was momentous , yet she didn't feel like recalling the events. The baby, whose fate has been tied to hers, where shall she be taken? Yet, she couldn't help recalling who she was. She was famous in this town, someone whom men desired to fulfill their senses . Someone, in front of whom men's heart felt impossible not to flutter.But the night gone was the night of redemption. As if the day of reckoning had dawned on her, and at the pitch of a toss she had thrown all that she had . She cannot be any long in this town. She will have to move out before others could spot her . Her mind had started racing.
But where was he, her benefactor ? She would better avoid him, she thought. Not because he hated that , but she felt unsure about his temperament. And baby , where was she to go? And then, as if all her answers had arrived to her in a go she rushed out of bed, ready to depart.

She got up determined, moving furtively. Determination of a women.It differs remarkably from men. A women is the unit of human social life, just as newton is of force,if you wish. Man is bestial in nature and has been only tamed by the existential nature of women. She plants the seed of family, and it's by her sheer selfishness and cunning for it's family that family exists. This the kind of determination that a woman possesses , to exist, despite all odds. But this is not very true of men . If not for woman's existential will, world would have been a disaster.

She was ready to leave, determined to leave everything behind . On the way out she found the roads desolate in the early hours. She paced hard walking surreptitiously. She had donned a hooded jacket of his and hid the baby in her bosom .

As she was leaving, noise of a rutting cart approached her eras from behind. She stopped, reckoned the situation and turned behind.

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