Wednesday, 7 January 2009

An allegorical act

Like a rodent it maneuvers to manage its fodder. Hiding and slithering through the surreptitious hides, it arranges the food for itself. How was it supposed to know the difference that the brains created. A motley collection of wayward thoughts, a precarious sense of achievement and a gloomy sense of loss. Despite of all the chances that it had , it stayed far away from achieving the impossible.

In its sense of urgency it transmogrifies into several forms. With a proud feline instinct it claims its supremacy over its milieu. Its claim of supremacy inspires an awe onto onlookers. Nevertheless, it has a strong feel for its progeny, a sense of urgency for its growth. However, it's still far away from that ,something, which it would never know.

Hunger smites it and it degenerates into a canine creature. For how long could it hold its pride into that mask. It relinquishes the barrage holding the desire of flesh and lets the flood of greed over power its own existence. It indulges into devouring and satisfying the wants, to which he doesn't seem to find any end , nevertheless doggedly chasing it just as one would chase its own shadow. It consumes all that it sees, wishful of all that it doesn't find. Its too engrossed in its act to realize anything, perhaps, reveling in it.

Drained of all the material instincts it mutates into a human being. He has the capacity to think, to understand, and to create now . He is the one who realizes the difference mind creates. It separates a man from everything else. And then he says to himself , "I know now why am I a man".

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